Week One

Initial Spline Studies

Spline studies in class. The instruction was to “Not think about it and just do it”: (click for larger images)

I explored the connection between splines and the way they bend. I did feel, however, that I could have explored more.

Wetland Design: Site Spline Study

Now I would like to talk about the Site Spline studies. After our initial wooden spline studies and discussions on our readings, we were given the site and told to put down splines based on water retention, circulation, and the programs. It is important that we consider the longest route possible for water retention, in order to allow the water to filter into the landscape in the form of a wetland before going into the river next to the site. We were told to place the labs and the extension of OMSI, given certain dimensions, into the site after the splines have been placed:

In the first study, I tried to place the splines freely, but then realized that the programs don’t fit well into the complex lines. I decided to pluck everything out and try again, placing down the water lines with ample space for the program. The pathways came after that, making sure that the parking lot, the buildings and OMSI are all well connected. It ended up, however, that the building shapes have no relation to the site, and the water paths are not really long enough to allow ample room for retention. I failed to consider many things, and I want to try and improve that.

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