Wetland Design: Redoing the Site Spline Study

After discussion in class, we were told to redo the same study, with more considerations in mind.

In the initial phase, I wanted to have the extension of OMSI relate strongly to the OMSI. At the same time, however, I want to make the curving nature of the spline shape the building, so I pretty much decided on the building shape at the same time that I decided on the first two splines. I decided to start with splines for pedestrian circulation, and have it reach around the main building. Afterwards, I added a walkway to the right in anticipation of the labs, and eventually decided to add a walkway that reaches to the second floor of the extension, and cut across to the other side.

Afterwards, I added the labs and completed the circulation. At this time I haven’t added it, but I intended to have the light-rail station come from the top right corner. This way, the southern part of the site will be more private, and the northwestern side will be more public. The light-rail station then, located at the northeast, will give neutral access to both the public and the private. The labs are close yet apart, since I want each to have its own space so that no building will block light from the other.

In the last phase I added in the water paths, keeping in mind that they should try to go as long as possible. With this I ran into some difficulties as I was tested by the limitation of the splines, since they started breaking. To solve this issue I made bigger loops instead, which worked in my favor since the water travels a larger distance this way, although I could not make it snake around in one area like I originally intended to. I added the light-rail station I mentioned earlier, and shaped the waterways in response to the pathways and around the buildings. Since all the splines are the same color, it became a complex network but it also became difficult to identify which is which, so I drew the water ways in the second picture. I only have three main water paths, since I feel that any extra will just unnecessarily shorten the route that the water will take.


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