Programming: Second Iteration

Latest program development pushes the program towards the river (downwards in the above picture; west). Critique: The program sizes need to be considered. This was something I over-compensated for in my initial design and neglected the overall program planning. Now I need to resize my programs based on this new scheme. The building shapes are also very irregular and programming is hard to derive from the shape alone.

The Center for Urban Ecology (Orange) faces the river and sits on top of one of the water paths. This way visitors can learn about water retention onsite with visuals. The OMSI expansion (Yellow) points toward the original OMSI building. The Center for Math and Science (Green) relates to both the OMSI expansion and the Center for Urban Ecology. The Cafe (Dark Yellow) serves as an intermediate space between public and private space so that it’s easily accessible for both; it also has a view out towards the river to enjoy while eating or resting. Above the Cafe is a viewing pathway for observing the reciprical relationship between the river (towards which the water flows) and the site (the form of which looks like water spouting from the river). Beyond that towards the lab on the second floor is a interactive space for the scientists and the public. Above that is a private interaction space for the occupants of the labs only. Below the labs (Blue) is the Administration office (Light Blue) that raises the labs off the ground so people can walk under it and look up at the labs.

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