Interaction Space

Quick update to show what I’m working on:

This is a view just entering the second-level interaction space (Purple in the programming diagrams) from the bridge that goes over the cafe, showing how the public-private interaction space might look. To encourage interaction, the main circulation is forced to go around a huge interaction area where there are what could be demonstration stations for scientists to play around for inspiration and maybe even just to have fun during break time. The public would be able to interact with the items on those stations, and in turn may also inspire (as well as learn from) the scientists. The middle area is a long bar of benches with tables for resting and more possible interaction. At the end of this space is a main exit circulation, which could also be entry circulation for those who enjoyed and want to re-experience the interaction.

I am still working on it, but it is taking a while, so I am just giving a quick update.

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