Concept Development

Philip Beesley’s visit on 2/25/11:

Relationship with the Ground.

Island City Central Park GRIN GRIN, Fukuoka, Japan by Toyo Ito & Associates Architects

Thinking about the relationship between the ground, the swales, and the buildings.

Concept development for skin and exterior pathway

Inspiration from the haphazard planks of the Hole House in Houston, Texas:

Idea for concept application to project

Warmth of wood for public space, inducing a welcoming atmosphere for families, coolness of steel for private research, demonstrating the procedural and orderly aspect of science.

Studying wood planks layout:

Dul-Nyouk Publishers Headquarters, Paju Book City, South Korea by Foreign Office Architects (FOA)

METLA Forest Research Institute, Joensuu, Finland by SARC Architects

Studying possibilities for curving wood planks to follow shape of building:

National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff, Wales by Richard Rogers Partnership

Study of Steel Skin:

Cooper Union, New York City, NY, USA by Morhposis Architecture

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA, USA by Frank Gehry

University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix, AZ, USA by Eisenman Architects


The idea for a transition between public and private is to have the two materials intersect and intertwine. Instead of as the skin, this part will be on the floor so people can walk over it, look down, and experience that transition and interaction.

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