Parametric Typologies

Using Rhino and Grasshopper, I looked at the various possibilities of a parametric structure. This exercise explores the flexibility of a parametric system developed from a single section typology. While I am proficient enough to make a curve, I cannot deny that I am still new to the softwares, both Rhino and Grasshopper. Part of the challenge of this exercise is to explore the different ways that the applications can be used and to learn to control the parametric structure however I wished.

This first study is more of an exploration of options. After applying what I have learned in class to the section typology, I tweaked around with the points of the curve and the thickness of the members.

This second study is much like the first one, but I also played around with different diagonal directions and also possibility for light to penetrate into the space by leaving some diagonals out. I looked at the way the structures should be developed based on that omission.

This last study I tried to play around with things that I haven’t specifically learned in class. Using the initial curves, I tried the lofting option to create a surface, and extruded the surface to create a membrane. The diagonals became crazy at that point and the result seemed indeterminate, but I was more focused on exploring the Grasshopper program itself.


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